Guard Fabric Protection and Flameproofing

Guard Fabric Protection and Flameproofing

Guard Fabric Protection and FlameproofingGuard Fabric Protection and FlameproofingGuard Fabric Protection and Flameproofing


What will Guard do for you?

• All spots are more easily removed. • Fabrics and carpets clean easier. • Fast drying. • Helps prevent mildew. • Reduces wear due to abrasion from daily use. • Blocks up to 60% of UVA light, slowing fading. • Cleaning available.

The world's best Fabric protection

What is it?

A protective spray application of a solvent based polymeric liquid that when professionally applied to soft floor coverings and interior fabric furnishings, creates reduced absorbency, easier removal of foreign substances, and improved resistance to yarn loss from abrasion. In short, fabrics AND all other absorbent surfaces. All manners of fabric including upholstery, carpets, oriental rugs, leather/suede, etc. and virtually any porous material including wood, tile/grout, cement, brick, masonry, etc. Effective also for some non-fabric surfaces such as unglazed tile, natural woods, grout, pool and patio masonry or wood decks. Suitable for new or existing installations.

Who uses Guard?

We're a privately owned company and have been in business for 31 years now, and are the secret weapon for some of the most discerning clients in The Hamptons, Manhattan, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Florida, Aspen, Vail, and Seattle. We go anywhere!

Our key allies and advocates...

• Some of the finest private residences in the United States.
• Have installed both fabric protection and flameproofing for some of the world’s finest private yachts.
• We’ve worked with some of the best five star hotels in the country over the years. (This often includes cleaning and staff training.)
• Work with a number of companies and government agencies and others who could and should apply our flameproofing to important spaces.

Extraordinary individual referrals...

Including that of Lee Iacocca who's called on Guard countless times for his entire family and all their properties, other include Kreiss, Cleda Townsend, Steven de Christopher, Kristine Schultz, and William Rush (owner of Saddleback Inn) to name a few.

The best in professional...

• Fabric Protection
• Fire Retardants
• Surface Protection
• Carpet Protection
• Leather/Suede Protection • Wood Protection

• Masonry Surface Protection • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Recommended by:

• Interior Designers • Architects
• Builders
• Boat Dealers

• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Furniture Dealers
• Fine Furniture Manufacturers • Carpet Dealers

Fabric Protection

Professional application and knowledge of the latest development in fiber care have made Guard the preferred leader in protection. Our application will not change the color or texture of your fine furnishings. While leaving fibers free to breathe, our invisible application will allow your carpets and fabrics to retain their original texture and appearance. Guard helps you save money and manpower while providing greater protection against spills and soiling. Carpeting and fabrics will last longer, look better, and clean easier...without exception!


Leather and Suede


Water, oil and stain repellents to help keep textiles clean, including the most delicate chintzes and heaviest velours without changing texture, color or breathability.


Leather and Suede


Water, oil and stain repellency for synthetic and natural fibers ... even Oriental rugs!

Leather and Suede

Leather and Suede

Leather and Suede

Water, oil and stain repellency for leathers and suedes (including nubuck) used in the furniture, apparel and automotive industries.



Leather and Suede

Water and oil repellency as well as protec- tion against “the elements.”




Water, oil and stain repellency for masonry surfaces including concrete, brick, grout and mortar.


For our commercial clients...


Research has shown that combustible decorative materials have been a contributing factor in several disastrous fires and numerous deaths in public buildings. Fire Departments enforce regulations that require all decorations, drapery, curtains, scenery, and other materials used for artistic enhancement inside public buildings to be either noncombustible or flameproofed. These regulations also prohibit the use of flammable materials.

Testing and Certification

We have an established program for tracking all work performed and certified by our staff. Each certificate we issue is individually numbered and registered. We will notify you before your certificates expire and when the flameproofing needs to be tested or reapplied.

Flame Retardant Treatment

Our products are non-toxic water-born solutions that are applied most commonly by spraying. They work to flameproof by either eliminating oxygen in the immediate area of flame exposure or by increasing char in the immediate area of the exposed flame. As soon as the solution has dried, the flameproofing is effective. There is no need for curing. Our products are clear and do not change fabrics.

All work performed in accordance with:

• New York City Fire Code
• New York City Board of Standards and Apeals 

• California Fire Code
• BOCA guidelines
• NFPA Fire Prevention Code
• International Fire Code
• FAA Regulations

Fire Prevention Codes

Areas of public assembly are required to maintain compliance with local, state and federal fire codes designed to prevent or contain fire. These codes have sections govern- ing drapery, scenery and other decorative materials, as they can be highly flammable.

Fire Codes vary from state to state and city to city. Many states have adopted BOCA, International Fire Code or NFPA guidelines as their own State Fire Prevention Code. We are ready to assist you in planning the appropriate flameproofing program to meet the regulation and certification requirements of these applicable fire codes.

Flameproofing and testing meet one or more of the following standards, depending upon flame retardant and materials:

• NFPA 701: Textiles/Films (including Draperies) • NFPA 265: Textile Wall Coverings
• NFPA 260: Upholstered Furn. Components
• NFPA 255 and 703: Building Materials

• NEPA 253: Floor coverings
• NYC BSA #294-40 S. R.: Fabrics/Decorations 

• CAL. Title 19-1237
• CAN 2-4.2 TM27.1 Note 4

All flame retardant applications can be performed on site or at our location. We track all our certificates on an annual basis and will notify you of their upcoming renewal dates. We will work with you to schedule having your drapes and other items tested, retreated (if necessary), and re-certified before they are unsafe, before each certificate expires, and before they are in violation of Local, State and Federal Fire Code.

We offer the following:

•Open Flame Test according to both NFPA 701 and NYC 19-01

•Flame retardant treatment with flame retardant products registered with NYC Fire Department and California Fire Marshall, two of the strictest in the country.

•Certificate of Flame Retardancy •Fabric Roll Treatment

Fire Code Information

•All draperies in auditoriums, restau-

rants, museums, lobbies nursing homes or anywhere in the “public” areas.

•All draperies, props, and scenery on stage, whether part of the theater or brought in by a show.

•All scenery, including painted back- drops, soft ad hard flats, braces, snow bags, ramps, stairs and decking.

•Large fabric hand props.
•Trade Show displays and backdrops. •Window draperies in public assembly

•Upholstery when used in Public

Assembly area.
•Cardboard and gray board. •Decorative elements and displays.

Guard Fire Retardant

•Fire retardant protection to meet state and local fire codes.

•On-site and bulk process available for any size job.

•FDA approved.

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